Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 6: Family Time

The Hamburger Stand Hottie series comes to an end with the sixth installment, but now without tying a few loose ends up.  Randy has come a long way from the tormented little wimp he was in the first book and Olivia has two.  Their feelings about each other have changed dramatically and when Randy wins a coveted prize, both of them have a hard time containing their feelings of pride.

Diana has been guiding both of them to this point. However, she sees one enormous obstacle to them being together and she intends to confront it no matter how difficult it might be for Randy or herself. There's a real feeling of satisfaction for me when a series ends and it's even more exciting when it ends in a way I never expected it to.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 5: Date Night

I want to apologize for this coming out two days late. I always try and upload on Thursday afternoon so that it's out sometime on Friday.  Unfortunately, it didn't get back from editing until Saturday night. You also may have noticed that my editor Mindi Harris got a writing credit on this one.  The final scene back at the house was hers except for about 100 words I tagged onto the end. I also would like to recommend Mindi's Halloween book.  I read it recently and liked it a whole lot. Tricked by my Twin reads like one of my stories and it's a full length story in itself.  The other stories in the book were very well-written as well.

Hamburger Stand Hottie 5: Date Night is the penultimate chapter in the series and begins with Mia and Olivia humiliatingly preparing Randy for the group date and ends with some major changes to both Randy and Olivia. In the middle, it's pure forced dating humiliation as Randy has to act like Jordan's perfect date and keep him happy all night long.  Just for their added amusement, the girls have invited Giana from the restaurant along on the date leaving Randy to sweat it out trying to conceal his true gender from her. This all leads to Hamburger Stand Hottie 6, which goes in directions I have never taken a story before.

I think you'll find HSH5 to be a very satisfying and exciting book.  The humiliation and feminization starts on page one and doesn't let up until the end of the book.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hamburger Hottie Returns with Issue 4

Well, after a brief interruption for the Halloween themed Night of the Cat, Hamburger Stand Hottie has returned with the sizzling hot part 4. I've written a great deal of shopping scenes before, but somehow it's very different when the mistress's mom is along and armed with a purse full of platinum cards. Randy knows he's in for it and the two dominant women set about finding not only the perfect date outfit for him, but an everyday wardrobe for other times he needs to dress up.  It's one humiliating day for Randy and one very exciting one for Olivia.